Saturday, February 25, 2012

Minor Adversaries update

So Thursday saw Kris send the higher resolution art in, which I forwarded to Walt to lay out the G Core version of Adversaries: The Triad. He'll be working on that tomorrow, so we're getting close to finally launching! Sent copies of the Supers! stats to Russell Boyd (who did the art for the excellent Bad Sports) to review.

Also, started converting the characters to BASH UE. I've found it an interesting exercise, as some of the powers in G Core/Supers allow a wider use than what they would be in BASH. Ironically, the characters don't all come out at the same points, but still maintain about the same power level.  The three main characters are done, so that just leaves an NPC superhero, two other villains, and some mooks.

On another note, I mailed in my application for a "Powered by M&M license". Look forward to doing some M&M conversions once that's been processed. Also, just waiting to get a reply from Jack Herman regarding some form he wanted me to fill out for a V&V compatibility license. All in all, this past week has gone fairly well. Can't wait for the time next week when I finally have a release out for sale!