Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Work Progresses slowly, and more art!

Work continues on the modern version of The Dirty Dozen. Still playing with the order of characters, as I've gotten in some new art that I may want to use now. The Golden Age version still has the same roster, and I've got most of the art done for the second volume. Speaking of art, Richard sent me color drafts for 2 more public domain villains, Baron Doom and Count Berlin. Corny names aside, I think he does a great job at recreating these character, while putting his own spin on their looks. He really has a flair for the Golden Age, which is why I keep getting him to do characters for me in that era. These are not the final versions, as Baron Doom's color scheme needs to be darker, and I'm having him remove the swastika from Count Berlin (he's a cover operative in the US; while he may have worn one in the original comics, it makes little sense for him to really wear them, when he can masquerade as a regular villain)

Baron Doom

Count Berlin
In other news, my Supers! forum game is going well. Our heroes have subdued Quakemaster & Zebra Man, which leaves Blockbuster left to defeat. He's a tough one though, but I think they can handle him!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Running a Supers! forum game

So I decided to give running a forum based game a shot, as I'm still meeting other gamers here in the Portland area. Set in the DCAU, the 3 heroes Doc Aeon, Ogre & Ricochet receive a mysterious text with a "?" as the sending address. It tells them to be at a certain bank in Gotham City at 2 PM the next day. Our heroes show up individually right before an armored car pulls up. Once 2 PM comes around, 3 villains, Quakemaster, Zebra Man & Blockbuster, all lesser foes of The Batman, attempt to rob the armored car of it's loot. We just started the combat phase, and Aeon all ready took 1D of damage from Quakemaster's jackhammer. Will our heroes prevail? Who sent the text that lead them to the bank? Hopefully, those answers will be forthcoming....