Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Character Stats done!

All 12 villains are done. Might tweak them after I get someone to proofread them. Now I just need to write up one villain's vehicle, another ones headquarters, and various minions. Then I can lay out character sheets, and hopefully start the file for this project.

I also emailed the artist who is doing the cover with some cover concepts to go over. I emailed the artist who did the clip art about doing a new piece for the release; if they can't do it, I'll see if the cover artist can do that for me.

If I can keep this momentum going. once I get an idea of the page count, I can see if Walt (who did layout for The Triad) can give me a price quote. If possible, I want to try and do both pdf and PoD via Drivethru/RPGNow. That would be cool if my second release actually had a print version.

Off to have some Breakfast now...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Some more on my next project...

The as yet to be named book will now feature 12 villains, 4 of whom will be Nazis. I've been perusing their write ups at the Public Domain Superheroes wiki, and finding out that their write ups for Supers doesn't always match their descriptions. So, it looks like a few of them will be quite different in BASH than how they appeared in Supers! This is actually a good thing, imho. I've now completed 6 write ups, and am almost finished with a seventh. Will be working on some more tonight. Things are moving along pretty fast; it helps that these are characters that existed in the Golden Age, so there is background to work from, and not being designed from scratch. I'm pretty enthusiastic about the project, and hope people will find it worth picking up. More when I have time to post about it...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New project in the works...

Just got the approval from Chris for my next BASH project. It's a book of Golden Age villains, taken from public domain characters. It's based on similar products for the game Supers, released by Darrell Miller. He made all the character portraits available as clip art, so I snagged them, and plan on using some for this release. Hopefully it will be a 2 volume release, each with about 10 villains, and maybe a few hero stats. Each character will have adventure seeds to go with them, so you can insert them into a campaign. Paper Standees will also likely be part of the project as well.

I've all ready statted 4 villains, so I'm almost halfway there.

Depending on my motivation, I might attempt to try this as a PoD release as well through Drivethru/RPGNow. Have to see what the layout person I use has to say about that.

More info when I have it.