Monday, June 11, 2018

Three Years gone by...

Damn. Three years to the day since my last blog post. Truth be told, I suck at blogging, hence the 3 year gap since my last post.

A few days from today is Free RPG Day. I'm running a one shot of Supers! Revised set in the DC Animated Universe (The tv shows, not the movies). The cast will be villains working for Task Force X (Suicide Squad), trying to derail an attempted coup in the nation of Kasnia. Here's a cover I whipped up for it:

Hopefully it will go well. I'll likely make a pdf of it, and post it online.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Adversaries #1 3/4 completed, New Art!

So I ended up adding a fourth villain to Adversaries #1. The character fit the criteria, and while not as interesting as the other 3, was one I wanted to put out for awhile. Just an addition that won't affect the final cost of the product.

I've also decided that after #1, I'll be focusing on single villains for a few issues. So #2 will actually feature Moodswing, and not the villains mentioned in my last post. However, I'll be doing something different with Moodswing. There will be two sets of stats for her. The first is as she is now, which makes her a challenge for a single hero. The second will be a version where she's developed more powers, and is a threat a small team would have to face.

I did this because as I looked over her original write up, I got some new ideas for powers for her. However, adding those powers made her way too powerful for one hero to handle, so I decide to present two versions. I might do this for a couple of characters, and see how it goes.

I also commissioned work from two artists I haven't had the pleasure of working with yet. +Jacob Blackmon has done a lot of work for Rogue Genius Games, and has contributed art to Fainting Goat Games Supervillain Handbook. I ordered two pieces, and he finished them so quickly, I just ordered two more from him. Figured I'd show off what he did for me all ready. These two villains are a brother and sister duo named Zip & Zap. Zip is a speedster, and Zap controls Electricity. I've had the idea for these two for a little over 2 years now, so it was great to see Jacob finally bring them to life visually.

I've also ordered four pieces from +James Shields. I had wanted to work with him for awhile now, but sadly couldn't afford to. He was running a special this month to celebrate the success of his Patreon Campaign, so I jumped at the chance to order a few pieces. I've only sent him info on two of them so far, but will be getting the info on the other two off to him soon.

Lastly, here's a look at the cover for Adversaries #2:

Friday, June 5, 2015

Getting back on track...

So It's been a few months since my last post, where I showed the cover for Adversaries #1. That's now 1/3 of the way done. I had a minor setback a few weeks ago, just as I was getting back into a writing groove. I got sick after work one day, and accidentally spilled soda on my laptop, killing the motherboard, keyboard and some ram.

No longer being in NYC, my only choice locally was to take it to Best Buy. Turned out to be a costly mistake, but as they say, live and learn.

Last night I took my laptop to work. I normally watch videos on my tablet during break times, but this week, I'm going to try and do writing on my breaks. With 2 of the 3 characters for #1 finished, all I need to do is finish Tremble.

After #1, I'll start on #2. Thankfully, that is half written all ready. That issue will feature 2 villains, Amaethon and Adranus, both of who command specific elements. The Supers! verson of #2 will also feature a new boost for Summoning, so it will make the release a bit more valuable (I wrote the boost last year, and it's been reviewed and approved by Aldo & Russ).

Past that, I'm going to likely do a few single villain issues. A few of the villains in upcoming issues include Firefly, Lighthouse and Moodswing, to name a few. There will be other mini-compilations, as well as one featuring The Crime Guild, a villain team whose origins predates the Pulp Era.

I've also got some ideas for Halloween Horrors #2 for October. The first one did pretty well, so I think a followup for this year is a must.

In the meantime, here is some newer art I've had commissioned from various artists.

First up is an original Golden Age villain named Justin Tyme, drawn by Anthony Green:

Anthony's take on the Queen of Evil, a public domain character:

Joe Singleton did this one: Star Spectre, a cosmic superhero:

Another one from Joe: The metahuman serial killer known as The Glitch:

Last, but not least, Juan Paolo Mananita drew this one: Aktzin, the Totonac Thunder God:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Links for Adversaries #0, and some new Art!

I realized that I had forgotten to post links to the various versions of Adversaries #0 here, as I had posted them everywhere else. There are currently 4 versions available, for BASH, CC&VF, G-Core and Supers!. I hope to be working on an ICONS version soon. Down the road I hope to do versions for M&M when I get a feel for the system. Might also look into Champions Complete as well.

Anyway, here are the links:

BASH Version

CC&VF Version

G-Core Version

Supers! Version

#0 is priced Pay What You Want, so you can get it for free if you want, and pay again for it later. If you want to pay, the minimum is just $0.50, so if you don't have credit in your account, you'd need to purchase it with other items. So far it's doing fairly well, so I hope the next one will also do well.

Now for some new art. As I mentioned in a previous post, I found this great artist named Juan Paolo Manitata. He did a few characters and some covers for me. He has a sale going on over at DeviantArt, and his prices are a steal! I had him do commissions on a pair of Golden Age villains that are in the public domain. Loved the results, so I wanted to share them. First up is Black Hood, a gun toting crook who leads a gang dressed like him. He's a two bit thug, but I love the costume, so figured he'd make a good disposable villain for a golden age game:

The second is named Phantom Archer. Another thug, but with an Archer motif. In the comics, he died in the same issue he appeared in, but I still thought he'd make a good rpg villain. I liked this one so much, I'm having Juan do a modern age version of the character, but more high tech:

That's all for now. Hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a good one!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Adversaries Issue 0 finished for 3 systems and Issue 1 cover!

So I finished writing Adversaries Issue 0 today for BASH UE, G-Core Prime & Supers! RED. I've all ready contacted the people behind G-Core & Supers! to see if it's good to go. For the BASH version, I asked Ben Norman, the BASH Guru, to check over my stats. I haven't used BASH in some time, so I wanted to make sure my totals were ok before sending it to Chris for approval.

I hope to look into adapting it for a few more systems if I can. ICONS is obviously my next choice. I really need to sit down and read M&M 3rd so I can start producing for that system. Same with Champions Complete. There's still a dedicated fanbase there that is hungry for new product. Would be nice to try and tap into that if possible.

In the meantime, I've started plotting out Issue 1. I've put together a cover mock up, so those who actually read this blog will be the first to see it!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Investing in the Future....

So I went and purchased a copy of Serif PagePlus 8 today. I had been hesitant to get any real desktop publishing software because I haven't worked with such software since I used Pagemaker to lay out my old music fanzine in the 1990's. Plus having someone else with more experience doing layout means the product looks better (like Halloween Horrors does; Walt did a fantastic job on it with the material I gave him to work with).

The main problem is with this being a niche hobby, I'm putting more into making a short pdf like Halloween Horrors than I'll ever likely make back. I'm not expecting to reap big profits. Hell, I'm not worried about breaking even just yet, as I know I still need to establish myself as a small press rpg publisher. I'm hoping to release a bunch of pdf's in the future, and if possible, make a compilation of those for Print on Demand release (at which point, I am likely going to have someone else do layout, as I'd rather pay someone I know can do a good job of that than try it myself and end up with something that isn't that good).

I started playing around with it, using my upcoming Adversaries Issue 0 as a testing ground. Took me a bit to get it where I wanted it, but I had some help from my friend Joshua Kubli, who wrote Invulnerable (another superhero rpg). The 30 or so minutes we spent going over my work via pm on FB was a big help. It's going to be a short pdf with just 2 featured villains, and as I'm using clip art for the characters, this is going to be Pay what you want pricing for it. Since I had previously written both characters backgrounds, as well as their stats for Supers!, the project is about 1/2 - 2/3 of the way done. Now to add in some adventure seeds, one of which may feature a 3rd villain.

I also went back and redid the cover, fixing some things I did half assed the first time I made it in PaintShop Pro. This version looks better, imho:

I'm looking to have this out before Thanksgiving. Maybe the end of next week if I get it finished sooner. But I'm happy with the progress I made today on this. That's about it for this blog post. Until next time!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Horrors now available for G-Core & ICONS!

So Walt finished the G-Core & ICONS versions of Halloween Horrors. Need one more edit to make (totally my fault), but they are both up for sale right now. As with the CC&VF/Supers! versions, they are priced at $0.99 until after Halloween.

G-Core Version

ICONS Version

With Halloween Horrors now out, I'll be heading back to what I was working on before I decided to do Halloween Horrors. It's going to be a series of short villain books called "Adversaries". Once enough are out, I'll see about a compilation of them in pdf/PoD.

Here's a mockup for "Issue 0", which will be Pay What you Want: