Saturday, June 8, 2013

A new Kris Smith piece

Kris Smith sent me a new piece today. it's for a character I created for a V&V game run by another player in the group I run Glare & Coldsteel in. Figured I'd share it. Nothing new on the writing front; my creativity is at a standstill, but hopefully I'll get out of this rut soon. I'm hopefully running a one shot of Eldritch Skies (a sci-fi game based on HP Lovecraft's work) at the end of the month for Recess. After that, i'll see if I can get off my ass and do some writing. In the meantime, here's Mindstorm:

Sunday, March 31, 2013

short update

It's been some time since my last post. I'm not really good at blogging it seems. Anyway, work on Dirty Dozen has kind of stalled. The stats are all done for BASH, and thanks to Ben Norman, I think I've got all the errors caught. It's just a matter of sitting down and writing it all out (mostly the adventure seeds, as their bios are available on the Public Domain Supers Wiki).

In the interim, I've been commissioning new art from Adrian Smith, Anthony Green, Kris Smith & Russell Boyd. Also got a new piece from Brian Brinlee to go with some stock art of his I purchased for use. In addition, I've found a few new artists whose work I hope to purchase for publication. One goes by the name of Celtic Bolt on DeviantArt. Another is an artist I found via the Atomic Think Tank forums. We'll see how that goes.

I'm also working out stats (currently in Supers! format) for various villains. All of them are inspired primarily by clip art I've purchased, but some are from art I've also commissioned. I'll likely be releasing those stats in a villain book down the road.

In the meantime, here's a private commission I got from Celtic Bolt of my V&V character, Glare:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Triad for Supers! now available

At long last, the Supers! version of The Triad is available on RPGNow. Featuring new cover art by Russell Boyd, it hopefully represents a new phase for Soultaker Studios. I learned a bit from the earlier versions of this release, so hopefully the improved quality on this version will show.

Check it out here

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cover Art!

Ok, so I'm a bit late in posting this, but the delay means you get to see 2 covers for the price of one!

First up, here is the cover to the upcoming Dirty Dozen, a collection of 12 Golden Age Villains available from the Public Domain. Drawn by Russell Boyd:

The Second is the new cover for Adversaries: The Triad, also drawn by Russell Boyd. I had this done after feedback from various customers of the earlier version. I figured as I'm preparing to release this for Supers! (and hopefully M&M 3rd and maybe Champions down the road, at the very least), it was time to update the cover:

Work continues on Dirty Dozen. Got 2 new pieces of art from Darrel Miller (who did all the character art I'm using), and I got feedback on stats for all the characters from one of my proofreaders. I'll be taking a six day vacation starting this Wednesday, so I hope to do some writing during that time. Taking it slow for sure, but I really want to do this one better than I did the last one.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cover Art coming soon!

Sent off the remaining villain stats and their minions to my proof readers. The cover is about 2/3 done. Can't wait for it all to be finished. Once it is, I'll post it here for everyone to view.. Still waiting on the art for the HQ and plane for two of the Nazi villains. But it's coming along nicely.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Minor update and some pimping...

Ok, so I sent off 4 stats to the proof readers. I got the vehicle write up done, as well as a headquarters for another villain. Just need to write up some minions for various other bad guys, and all the stats are done.

I finally settled on a cover idea, and finalized that concept with the artist. It is going to emulate an old Justice League cover from the Keith Giffen era.

The artist whose art I am using agreed to do the vehicle and hq for me, at a very reasonable price. So, I thought I'd pimp his own work. Darrel Miller is an artist. He did all the art for the rpg Supers!, but Simon Washburne (who also wrote Barbarians of Lemuria, a great Sword & Sorcery style fantasy rpg). Darrel does his own Supers! related releases, and is the most prolific supporter of the game.

All the art I'm using came from clip art packs he released of art from his Public Domain Supers line. Each one of these (14 in total as of today) feature heroes and villains from the Golden Age of Comics, all of whom exist in the Public Domain. He also has 3 adventures for Supers!, one of which is free on the Beyond Belief Games site. He also has clip art packs with all the art from Public Domain Supers, for people to use with their own projects (like I am). Check out his RPGNow product page here

Also, Aldo Regaldo, known as aka Dragonfly on many forums, has released his first product, The Freedom Ring, for both Supers! and BASH! The Freedom Ring is a super hero team dating back to the Golden Age, and besides being an interesting group of heroes, is very ethnically diverse. The book also features one villain (the aquatic Skana), and the follow up, The Iron Gauntlet, will be nothing but foes from the same universe as The Freedom Ring. You can check out TGI (Aldo's "company") on RPGNow here

Last, but far from least, is HAZARD Studio, run by Walt Robillard. HAZARD runs all the rpg material for Zenith Comics currently, as well as his own Type Casting products, written by Ben Norman, the BASH guru. Walt is also an artist himself, and also does layout work. He did the layout for Adversaries: The Triad for me. Check out HAZARD Studio on RPGNow here

So that's all for now. More to come....

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Character Stats done!

All 12 villains are done. Might tweak them after I get someone to proofread them. Now I just need to write up one villain's vehicle, another ones headquarters, and various minions. Then I can lay out character sheets, and hopefully start the file for this project.

I also emailed the artist who is doing the cover with some cover concepts to go over. I emailed the artist who did the clip art about doing a new piece for the release; if they can't do it, I'll see if the cover artist can do that for me.

If I can keep this momentum going. once I get an idea of the page count, I can see if Walt (who did layout for The Triad) can give me a price quote. If possible, I want to try and do both pdf and PoD via Drivethru/RPGNow. That would be cool if my second release actually had a print version.

Off to have some Breakfast now...