Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween Horrors is out for Capes, Cowls & Villains Foul!

So Walt finished up the CCVF version of Halloween Horrors, and I uploaded it to Drivethru for sale.

Totally 18 pages, it features six horror themed foes for your superheroes to fight. The supplement also includes stats for Xavier Stone, an occult investigator and magician. His journal entries on each creature provide a little in character insight on these creatures. From a creature of out of folklore, a race from the realm of Nightmares, a spawn of Cosmic Horror, a ghost serving another cosmic horror, a demon possessed gingerbread man cookie, and an Urban Legend given life, you have a nice variety of opponents to face.

In order, the book features the following foes:

Dream Reavers
The Eye of Phugg
The Ghost of Hollis Whateley
The Gingerdead Man
The Postman

Until October 31st it's just $0.99. After that it will go up to $1.99. So get it on the cheap now!

Halloween Horrors for CC&VF