Friday, October 17, 2014

Almost to the finish line on Halloween Horrors....

The main text is done, as are all the character sheets. Right now I'm just waiting for some feedback from Russell Boyd, one of the co-authors of Supers! Revised, on a new power I created just for this book, called Mental Transformation. It's a nasty power that allows the user to transform users Mental/Emotional States, which can include giving them various disadvantages like Mental & Social Hindrances, Phobia and/or Rage.

As soon as that is ready, I can send Walt the file, and he can start layout on it.

In other news, I contacted Cynthia Celeste Miller from Spectrum Games about doing a version for Capes, Cowls & Villains Foul, their super hero game. She said yes immediately, and none of than Barak Blackburn himself, the games author, whipped up CC&VF stats for all 6 in about 2 hours!

I've also contacted Steve Kenson about doing an ICONS version. He's pretty cool about project pitches, so I'm confident he will say yes. In anticipation, I pulled out my copy of Great Power to start prepping ICONS stats for the characters.

So we're almost there. I'm hoping after I hear back from Russel, the Supers! version will be off to Walt by tomorrow afternoon/evening at the latest.