Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Links for Adversaries #0, and some new Art!

I realized that I had forgotten to post links to the various versions of Adversaries #0 here, as I had posted them everywhere else. There are currently 4 versions available, for BASH, CC&VF, G-Core and Supers!. I hope to be working on an ICONS version soon. Down the road I hope to do versions for M&M when I get a feel for the system. Might also look into Champions Complete as well.

Anyway, here are the links:

BASH Version

CC&VF Version

G-Core Version

Supers! Version

#0 is priced Pay What You Want, so you can get it for free if you want, and pay again for it later. If you want to pay, the minimum is just $0.50, so if you don't have credit in your account, you'd need to purchase it with other items. So far it's doing fairly well, so I hope the next one will also do well.

Now for some new art. As I mentioned in a previous post, I found this great artist named Juan Paolo Manitata. He did a few characters and some covers for me. He has a sale going on over at DeviantArt, and his prices are a steal! I had him do commissions on a pair of Golden Age villains that are in the public domain. Loved the results, so I wanted to share them. First up is Black Hood, a gun toting crook who leads a gang dressed like him. He's a two bit thug, but I love the costume, so figured he'd make a good disposable villain for a golden age game:

The second is named Phantom Archer. Another thug, but with an Archer motif. In the comics, he died in the same issue he appeared in, but I still thought he'd make a good rpg villain. I liked this one so much, I'm having Juan do a modern age version of the character, but more high tech:

That's all for now. Hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a good one!