Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Forum game update

So my Supers! forum game is going pretty good. Our 3 heroes (Doc Aeon, Ogre & Ricochet) had a good, short battle with Quakemaster, Blockbuster and Zebra Man. Blockbuster caused the most problems for them, but Doc Aeon wisely used his super speed to aid Ogre in taking out the hulkish villain. They were also aided by The Question, who was the one who sent them the text to begin with (Doc Aeon had thought it was The Riddler challenging them). Aeon took off to get medical help for a fallen bank guard, but Ogre & Ricochet went with Question. There they met Ghost (a telepathic ninja) and X.1.40 (an artificial life form that had befriended Red Tornado).

Question told them that he needed their help, as they were not members of the Justice League. The Huntress had gone missing a few days ago, while investigating Colonel Vox (an ex-Kasnian Colonel who had served Vandal Savage in a plot to control that country in an attempt to take over the world), who had unknown backers to try and take over the country. He had broken Red Claw (a terrorist who had been captured by Batman & Catwoman years ago) out of prison to help him, and supposedly has some villains in his employ.

Question asks them to find out what happened to Huntress, and rescue her if she's alive, or avenge her if she isn't. What will our heroes do?