Monday, September 10, 2012

Cover Art!

Ok, so I'm a bit late in posting this, but the delay means you get to see 2 covers for the price of one!

First up, here is the cover to the upcoming Dirty Dozen, a collection of 12 Golden Age Villains available from the Public Domain. Drawn by Russell Boyd:

The Second is the new cover for Adversaries: The Triad, also drawn by Russell Boyd. I had this done after feedback from various customers of the earlier version. I figured as I'm preparing to release this for Supers! (and hopefully M&M 3rd and maybe Champions down the road, at the very least), it was time to update the cover:

Work continues on Dirty Dozen. Got 2 new pieces of art from Darrel Miller (who did all the character art I'm using), and I got feedback on stats for all the characters from one of my proofreaders. I'll be taking a six day vacation starting this Wednesday, so I hope to do some writing during that time. Taking it slow for sure, but I really want to do this one better than I did the last one.